We’ve Made Waves with our Single-Use Plastic Free Café

11 November 2019

Last week, we relaunched our Sky Ocean Rescue café to showcase all the great work we’re doing to tackle single-use plastic in our business and inspire others to #PassOnPlastic.

Why We Did It

Our Sky Ocean Rescue commitments sit right at the heart of the business, so where better to showcase it than the heart of our HQ, Sky Central.

There are over 275,000 visits to the Sky Ocean Rescue Café every year: colleagues, customers, partners, schoolchildren, talent and influencers all step through the doors of Sky Central, and they’ll all be able to get up close to the campaign and find out how they can get involved.

Fun Facts

  • We’ve already removed over 300 tonnes of single-use plastic from our business and we’re on track to be single-use plastic-free by the end of 2020
  • We removed all single-use water bottles and switched to cans in the café, installing water fountains for refillables too
  • The café swapped out single-use milk bottles for a ‘bag in a box’, saving 98% of plastic normally used – that’s a reduction of half a tonne of plastic each year in the Ocean Rescue café alone!
  • The café’s switch to paper straws saves over 72k plastic straws in a year

The Build

Our Sky Ocean Rescue Café is one of the first places we started switching off the single-use plastics tap, so we’ve made sure the entire design process was sustainable from the start. No new plastic. No vinyl printing. The only plastic used has been salvaged from the sea.

Click on the tiles below to find out more!

A massive shout out to the incredible designers, Ricky Jeffery and Tin Brown who have turned the vision for this re-launch into a reality