Guest Writer: Pl@$T!c Swear Jar Challenge

24 June 2019 - Alice Stephenson

This week we're excited to welcome guest writer, Alice Stephenson.

Alice is another Sky Employee who is passionate about our oceans and has wanted to share a fun idea to help us #PassOnPlastic and switch to reusables - The Plastic Swear Jar! Read below to find out more...

Have you ever thought about how much single-use plastic you get through in a day, week or month? I bet it’s more than you think.

You grab your on-the-go granola pot and coffee for breakfast, tear a tea sachet mid-morning, tuck into your £3 meal deal consisting of a sandwich, crisps and a bottled drink at lunch (we’re up to 6 already). Then you might grab a ready meal for dinner, or even worse (well, better really) a bunch of different packaged veg to make a tasty salad – and don’t forget you’re going to have to carry that in something. So, let say we use 12 single-use plastic items a day on average, that works out at 84 items a week. So roughly you could be using upwards of a staggering 4,368 items a year!

I know first hand how hard it is to fully remove SUP from my life, so I've got a fun challenge to share that will help you track how much you use plastic and help you save to treat yourself to a reusable goodie! Introducing your plastic swear jar! In three simple steps, you could be switching out plastic for reusable items in no time!

1. Grab yourself an old jar, biscuit tin or whatever you can find

2. Contribute £1 (or whatever amount feels fair) every time you use single-use plastic

3. Treat yourself to a reusable product (like the #POP range) with your earnings to help you on your single-use plastic-free journey

After trying this myself, I've learnt that it can be a little tricky to stay on track. Especially since I don't carry around my jar with me! Here's some tips to help you save for a sustainable purchase.

Decorate your jar - You can get as creative as you like, but even using a 'plastic swear jar' label will keep you motivated each time you see it.

Keep track - Without your jar at hand, it can be difficult to keep track of what plastic you've used. Why not use your phone or the back of your diary to keep a tally?

Get others involved - Get your friends, family and work colleagues involved to keep each other inspired

Write a wish list - Print out or write your very own reusable wish list, you'll always be reminded of what you're doing this for, keeping your spirits high!

Share your journey - Use the world of the internet to share your journey! Make sure to tag @SkyOceanRescue so the team can see your brilliant efforts!